Connecting with the Corridor

"With the Opportunity Corridor, the City of Cleveland is focused on the notion of developing people as a capital investment." Freddy L. Collier, Jr.
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A Panel Discussion

The Connecting with the Corridor series will be positioned to engage and update the broader Cleveland community regarding the many aspects of the Opportunity Corridor project. Through the work of participating stakeholders and the Opportunity Corridor Partnership, the areas of engagement will include construction, road design and planning; economic and workforce development potential; arts celebrations; and a presentation on the history of the Opportunity Corridor neighborhoods.


Panelists include:

Freddy L. Collier, Jr., Director of City Planning, City of Cleveland

Marie Kittredge, Executive Director, Opportunity Corridor Partnership

Myron S. Pakush, District 12 Deputy Director, Ohio Department of Transportation


This free discussion will be moderated by City of Lakewood urban planner Jason Russell. 

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  • Mark Cassell

    How is this a panel discussion? No one on this panel is at all critical of the missed-opportunity project. How about Norm Krumholtz who might be able to shed some light how this project resembles the urban renewal projects of the 1960s that decimated the downtown. Or how about someone with background in smart growth like David Beach from Green City Blue Lake? Who how about someone from Clevelanders for Transportation Equity? The three members on this panel have all drunk the urban renewal kool-aid: It's state money; No economic development was happening here anyway; It creates jobs. Identical reasons were given when we replaced buildings with parking lots and put up massive asphalt arteries that cut through the heart of the city in the 1960s. Leaving aside the insanity of spending $330 million for three miles of asphalt, how about including a perspective on the panel that reflects a more critical view of building another massive highway connector into University Circle?

  • Mark--thanks for your input. Since the project is funded and being implemented, we thought the most effective thing to do would be to put decision makers in direct conversation with the public, so that engaged, thoughtful people such as you can provide input and inform how the plan is executed and implemented. We hope you'll be able to make it and put your questions to the panel themselves.