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The City Club belongs to its members. The members set the tone and facilitate the discussion.

Since our founding, The City Club has welcomed members of all races and religions, and our strength today is reflected in the rich texture of our membership. City Club members are drawn from all walks of life and ways of thinking. Yet all believe in the rewards that free speech can bring to the intellect and to the community. The strength of our membership is its diversity and commitment to free speech.
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QuinonezThe City Club is a splendid outlet to learn, meet and network with individuals, businesses, community leaders and so many others, from the world renown guest speakers to the "regulars" who attend the Friday Forums. I also enjoy attending affairs and/or meetings which are held by other organizations at the City Club. It is an inclusive atmosphere in which you can conduct business, become versed and even have fun. The facility is quite comfortable, the staff will always make you feel welcomed and the food is inviting. Membership has its rewards!

Patty Quiñonez



There are several ways to support the work of The City Club and maintain the values of free speech.



The City Club belongs to its members. The members set the tone and facilitate the discussion.